Dayton Chiropractic Website Example and Dayton Injury Referrals

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Dayton Chiropractic Website Example and Dayton Injury Referrals

This is a really interesting question, and one that we’ve explored for years as we scour the web looking for the best examples of chiropractic online marketing. We’ve seen the good and the bad and everything in between. There are nearly infinite ways that chiropractic doctors can market themselves on the web — and when it comes to this type of primary advertising for chiropractic clinics, not every practice is playing by the same playbook.

Let’s take everything else off the table, and talk about the format of the site. What you usually see when you visit a chiropractic website is a type of visual theme and layout that’s put together by a professional graphic designer. You may not even realize you’re looking at something that’s been highly standardized — because you take the style and layout for granted. Until you see something different.

Once in a while you come across something that just doesn’t look quite like you’d expect. Take this example from Preferred Chiropractic in Dayton, Ohio.

One of the first thing you’ll notice when loading the page is that the entire layout of text, graphics and control buttons only extends to about two thirds of the way across your browser screen. That is, for a particular set of common browsers used to render these pages.

You also see other subtle indicators that this site is different. The central text is just a little bit larger than it needs to be. The individual elements and components of the page are separated by thin square lines instead of a more fluid arrangement.

In a way, this layout looks very much like something you would encounter about 10 or 15 years ago on the web. At that time, format and layout were just a bit less standardized than they are now.

This particular site still has the common range of elements you need on a chiropractic site – it has those resources that are crucial for people doing research on chiropractic care. It has a page for new patients, an FAQ page, information on location and business hours. But it also has this very unique and interesting layout.

There’s actually a real debate about whether this type of change is good or bad. On one hand, it jars against the sameness of your expectations and gets your attention. On the other hand, less than perfect design can be a real turnoff on the web. That’s why responsive design is so important for presenting information to smartphone users. People really want and crave some universal aspects of layout on an interface. Many of them want to know exactly what to expect, and they don’t likes surprises.

You can go back and forth all day thinking about whether it’s better to have a highly standardized graphic design approach to a website. What’s for sure is that chiropractic websites don’t always bring in the amount of patient traffic the doctors need.

It’s hard in the chiropractic world. You’re trying to convince people of the utility of your medical service, and you’re competing with any number of other businesses down the block. Energize Chiropractic Marketing understands. We offer a multichannel approach personal injury telemarketing that Dayton, OH doctors can use to break out of a rut and move toward success with fuller patient rosters and more traffic to their offices. Dayton injury referrals have are easy to obtain using the services of and Ohio chiropractic telemarketing company like Energize Chiropractic Marketing. Ask us about our personal injury marketing marketing options¬†¬†today.