Choose the Right Company

Choosing to Right Chiropractic Telemarketing Company

Choosing a chiropractic telemarketing company is far more important than most chiropractors might think. We talk with doctors every day who express misgivings about their decisions to work with companies who, in the end, either stopped providing patients altogether, or even worse….took their money and never provided the services they promised. While these situations happen frequently, there are things you can do to protect yourself. Start by asking the company you want to work with some basic questions. If they don’t know the answer to any of the questions listed below, that should be reason enough to stop and reevaluate.

How do you comply with the advertising and solicitation guidelines provided by the Ohio State Chiropractic Board?

Try starting off with a question designed to uncover whether a marketing company even KNOWS the chiropractic advertising and solicitation guidelines for Ohio. Let THEM tell YOU what rules are in place and how they abide by them so they don’t put you or your clinic in jeopardy.

What are the advertising and solicitation guidelines listed by the Ohio State Chiropractic Board?

It’s an easy question to ask to test the professionalism of the company you are interviewing for your personal injury telemarketing. You need to make sure the company you are considering not only says they know what the laws are but can show you by telling you what they are.

Do you use a call center?

How efficient are you? Are you a one man show, or do you have the horsepower to produce consistent results that I can count count on? After all, you want to hire someone who is good, and can produce measurable, consistent results.

May I speak with some two clients who have worked with you for more than one year?

Anyone can get clients but KEEPING clients will tell you most everything about how worthwhile their service is! If they are good, getting permission to speak with clients who have used their service for at least a year should be easy and painless. If you detect any hesitation, you should be concerned.

How many telemarketers do you employ?

How big is their business? It’s a simple question, right? Learning about this will tell you a lot about how much success they have had and how successful you will be if you choose to work with them.

How do you guarantee my investment?

If a company can’t guarantee a correlative level of production for the money you are investing, that is a major red flag, so ask them. If they do offer a guarantee, make sure you understand EXACTLY what happens if the company fails to meet their established production guarantees. We’ve been providing personal injury telemarketing services for such a long time, and we’ve had the benefit of speaking with Ohio chiropractors about many companies they have tried to work with before. It’s always disappointing to talk to doctors who are so scared to make and overwhelmingly good decision, because ay some point in the past, they failed to ask the right questions and got burned by another chiropractic marketing company. I have conversations with doctors, frequently who work with companies that have “Money Back Guarantees”, the terms of which are so cryptic, and undefined, that it is not only impossible to ever their money back with such companies.

Can I pay for a one patient at a time?

Seriously? ATTENTION chiropractors near and far…it doesn’t matter whether you are in Ohio or another state, anti-kickback laws are in place across the country and you’re going to be in hot-water when the board finds out about how you are paying for your PI patients.

How would you export a list of the numbers called for my campaign during any 180 day time period?

If the chiropractic board in OH knocks on your door, and has questions about how you are marketing for your clinic, the first thing they are going to ask you for is a copy of the telemarketing script you are required to keep on files, and a lists of all the prospects you have marketed to in the last 6 months (180 days). It’s YOUR responsibility to have this, so if the company you are working with doesn’t have or is unwilling to provide this information, guess who is going to pay the price? YOU!

Do you record your phone calls?

It’s a basic question to help you determine the standards of the company you are working with, right? Simply put, if THEY don’t have standards, you won’t either. This is an aggressive form of marketing, and if the individual or small business you are talking to does not have the technology to monitor or infrastructure to maintain a consistent quality control effort, you should be very concerned. Not having the technology or infrastructure is an indication they are unprofessional, or, even worse, that they are actively breaking the law in their phone calls and don’t want to have evidence of it. It’s common that my staff, run into prospects who say they have received calls from police officers, attorneys, and even insurance companies directing them to a free chiropractic appointment. Working with a company like this is like playing slot machines in Vegas. If you’re chiropractic license is important try working with a company that maintains integrity and legal professionalism…unless you like gambling with your chiropractic license.

How long have you been in business?

Experience communicates confidence. Always has, always will. Choose a company that has been around for awhile, has an established reputation, and can let you talk with a couple clients they have worked with for a year or longer.

How will you protect safeguard my reputation and clinic image from negative direct response?

Nobody wants negative online reviews, and a bad reputation in their local community. Who you work with will determine the likelihood of that occurring. You want to work with a company that protects your anonymity in every phone call, up to the point where they are actively scheduling an appointment with your clinic. Passing out your contact information to anyone who asks for it is not only dangerous, but sure to put your clinic on the front page of google for bad experiences with chiropractors in your city. So ask the right questions first. Working with immature, unprofessional company will net you unprofessional results and consequences.

Do you have a written contract with an easy termination clause?

It should be easy to begin or end services with any company you choose. If termination is a multi-step, difficult process, be concerned.