PI Telemarketing Programs

3 Powerful PI Programs!

We specialize in personal injury telemarketing; in fact it’s our core competency and the ONLY service we provide. If you looking for a powerhouse PI telemarketing service you can rely on to produce measurable, consistent results, then one of the three programs listed below is a good choice for your clinic!

We offer flexible, month-to-month service agreements with all service options listed above; there is no scary long-term commitment and yes, we have references available for you. We comply with all state and federal laws and don’t create liability for your clinic. Every phone call is recorded for compliance and quality control. We provide services to chiropractors across the state of Ohio. We serve all 88 counties and employ on-site staff in your city to ensure timely and efficient data collection, which is paramount to ensuring we are the first point of contact with recent car accident victims near you!

We are a professional call center. We use a predictive dialer, which is important, because your competition isn’t using one. Trust me, YOU WANT a company that’s calling 40 lines simultaneously while your competition is hand-dialing ONE number at a time! In a competitive marketplace you need a predictive dialer to quickly and efficiently reach prospects when new data is released in your city.

If you’re looking for a competent Ohio injury referral service, you are just one call away from the most profitable marketing decision you haven’t made for your clinic…yet! Select your level of service and call (614) 401-5151 today! We are excited to talk with you about your personal injury marketing goals and needs. Whether you are just opening a new clinic or have an established personal injury chiropractic clinic, you are going to be happy seeing injury referrals from us!