Lima Personal Injury Telemarketing and The Fade Website Effect

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Lima Personal Injury Telemarketing and The Fade Website Effect


When it comes to online chiropractic marketing, it often seems to be all about content. To some extent, it has to be about content — because people are doing research on the web about getting chiropractic treatment, and the bottom line is they need information.

With that in mind, doctors put tons of work into creating bios, posting testimonials, and writing information-rich pages showing what the spine does for the body or otherwise promoting chiropractic services through the transfer of knowledge.

Still, there are always going to be those people, whether they’re doctors or web designers or someone else connected to the practice, who just feel like there is a place for style and image on the web. And they’re not wrong — sometimes these little extras really embellish the curb appeal of the chiropractic website.

For instance, you can post snapshots or even banner pictures on the site, but you can also use very basic web design techniques to make these images really pop.

Take a look at the top page of Stemen Chiropractic in Lima, Ohio and you’ll see an interesting “fade in” — six small images move from the edges of the browser screen into place to form a collage showing the body’s range of movement with accompanying text displaying menu options.

That’s not the only one of these brilliant little image techniques that you’ll see on the page. Users who click into a virtual tour of the office will see a number of snapshots of the interior of that office that fade into each other in an automated slideshow.

In a very fundamental sense, these techniques do help. They help readers track through the site and attract the eye. They can help with metrics like bounce rate and click through rate. So it’s not just a question of what content you have online — even though the content that you choose as a chiropractor is going to make a huge difference in the customer traffic you attract.

At Energize Chiropractic Marketing, we’ve been in this game for a long time. We understand the challenges that chiropractic doctors face, marketing in a competitive business world.

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