Canton PI Telemarketing and a Website Walking Through the Clinical Process

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Canton PI Telemarketing and a Website Walking Through the Clinical Process


Many smart chiropractic doctors put a lot of thought into how to design a website.

So do people in a lot of other industries, such as those related to general retail. But it makes a lot of sense in chiropractic, because this is a type of service that people really need to research and understand before they walk in the door. It’s one thing to advertise a nice new sweater or a best-selling book online. It’s another thing to try to promote spinal adjustments and other services that first-time patients really don’t know much about.

So how do you do this?

Doctors put a lot of resources into explaining particular chiropractic techniques and treatments on the web. They’ll show 3-D graphics of the spine, and go over what happens to the vertebrae in different situations. They’ll talk about whiplash and how to treat it, and what people face after spinal injury.

But what a lot of practices don’t do is try to prepare patients for what they will encounter in the office.

In looking at the great diversity of chiropractic web sites that are out there, we see so many in which the practice is hardly mentioned at all, even when there is a picture of the office or some other resource, too many offices never really address what the patient can expect, and how it will feel to walk in and get consultation and treatment.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way, and some practices put care into explaining what new patients encounter when they walk through the door. Here’s an example from Vargo Chiropractic in Canton, Ohio.

You’ll notice the layout on a page entitled “your first visit” — every short subheading paragraph gets a friendly little image next to it. Practice leaders describe filling out patient forms, getting consultation and examination, getting x-rays done, and receiving a report of findings prior to treatment. They note that the doctor will also suggest a wellness program for home care. Interestingly, next to this there is a new patient free consultation web form where people can submit their interest with just a name, e-mail and phone number.

Why is it important to add detail to this process? After all, people will find out what’s happening when they get to the office.

For many people, it’s important to know a little bit about how the process is going to go before they get involved. Many of these information-seeking new patients just aren’t comfortable unless they understand a bit about how the office works. So it’s very practical to have this kind of resource in the website.

For others, it’s all about conversation. They can stare at websites all day, but what’s really going to engage them is a verbal communication about the treatment and care that they need.

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