Columbus Chiropractic Telemarketing and a Website That Shows Them What You Do

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Columbus Chiropractic Telemarketing and a Website That Shows Them What You Do


The Internet is the Wild West — and there’s nowhere wilder than the spaces where professionals try to sell services.

Chiropractic is an excellent example. There are thousands and thousands of practices across the country, trying to raise their voices to be heard above the crowd. The freewheeling versatility of the Internet means that for each of these practices, there is a unique and independent approach, and each of those efforts is as unique as a snowflake. For the most part.

So what can doctors do?

Some of them go with an information approach. They use doctor bios and resource articles about new treatments and conditions. They bombard readers that actual scientific information. Part of the strategy is to push back against the idea that chiropractors aren’t “real” doctors that they don’t really deliver key medical services. But another part of it is to reach those technical-minded people who really are just looking for information on the web.

Other doctors go with a more visual approach. They like to use pictures to ‘show and tell’ a story. They know that some web users respond much better to visuals, because it gives an intimate look at what a practice is like. To this audience, text doesn’t really mean much — in fact, many of them won’t really read it all. They’re looking more for an interactive experience that helps them to get comfortable with what they might see when they walk in the door of a practice.

Obviously a lot of practices also take a hybrid approach. They pick and choose pieces of the text or visual model in a way that’s more sophisticated.

And then there are particular practices that can work out very well for business — ways that chiropractors advertise that are obviously very thought-through and considerate of the audience in question.

Take a look at the top landing page for Columbus Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center. What you see is a set of banner pictures rotating on the top of the page — but instead of being just random pictures of people in sweatpants, these are actually pictures of practice workers during treatments on patients.

Many doctors like to go for the generic image strategy — they show smiling families in white, and people who the viewer supposes have benefited from treatment.

But on pages like the one mentioned above, you get an actual look at what happens when you go into the office. You see how professionals are dressed, how they’re working with patients, and how these treatments work practically. And if a picture is worth 1000 words, the six or seven slides in this set are worth much more.

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