Cleveland Car Accident Patients & Angie’s List

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Cleveland Car Accident Patients & Angie’s List

The Angie’s List platform has become a household name, and also a somewhat controversial landmark for certain kinds of service industries.

We think of homeowners and homemakers using Angie’s List to choose carpenters, electricians, carpet installers and other kinds of home improvement contractors. We don’t often think about people using Angie’s List for things like mental or behavioral health services, childcare or chiropractic care.

However, these aspects of the site do exist. Angie’s List compiles stats of preferred chiropractic offices in cities and metro areas around the country.

Here is an example on top-rated Cleveland chiropractors, where Angie’s List separates the wheat from the chaff, coming up with 14 top-rated offices in the area, and a staggering 122 offices that participant reviewers would not recommend.

The thing about Angie’s List, though, is that the information is behind a pay wall. You can’t see what chiro offices have become favorites on the site, unless you join up and pay money. However, you can see summary views that describe individual customer reactions to a particular doctor’s office, with the doctor’s actual name classified, again, to protect the value of site membership.

From reading this particular page, you can see that customer-friendly attitudes are front and center in how people approach chiropractic care. The very first negative review shows how one doctor’s receptionist was not perceived to be friendly enough. On the other hand, positive reviews talk about calm and compassionate explanation of care.

Another review talks about something that a customer perceived as a mistake — treating a particular condition in-house that the patient felt should have been referred to a medical network.

Chiropractors anywhere in the country can take a lesson from what’s available at the Angie’s List site, and understand how important online data is when it comes to competing in this field. Doctors need to boost visibility and get their site prominent online. They can do this to a certain extent with a website, but there’s a kind of limit where the boundaries of website advertising kick in, and doctors need something more.

That’s where Energize Chiropractic Marketing comes in. We help doctors to reach out to customers in their communities by offering Ohio personal injury telemarketing services that connect qualified car accident patients in Cleveland, OH with Chiropractic doctors. At the same time, we bring in consistent personal injury patients traffic. Cleveland chiropractic telemarketing works well for practices of all sizes.

When a chiro doctor in a busy Ohio community needs to turn over a new leaf in terms of marketing, we can help. By bringing in these qualified leads, we can provide the kinds of financial stability that keep the lights on in one of these specialized medical offices. We understand the challenges that chiropractors are up against, whether they are brand new or have been practicing for years, and that’s why we have taken care to offer a service that will really help our practice partners. Ask Energize Chiropractic Marketing about a multi-channel marketing plan that can work for your business.