Localized Chiropractic Advertising and Columbus PI Telemarketing

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Localized Chiropractic Advertising and Columbus PI Telemarketing


We’ve often talked about the vastly different ways that doctors and practices market chiropractic services on the web. Every doctor has his or her ideas and opinions about what’s effective, and how to reach the target audience. It also depends where the office is located, and what kinds of services it provides.

As for location, this can be a prime factor in a marketing strategy. Doctors can think about which local neighborhoods they want to target, and how they want to get visibility in an urban or suburban area. They’ll ponder these kinds of questions while they are picking out offices, and they’ll even think about them after the fact, as they go about building a website. It makes sense, because most doctors invest in a particular location for the long term.

Here’s a prime example from the Columbus, Ohio area. Tri-Village Chiropractic has chosen its practice name based on a cluster of neighborhoods in the downtown Columbus area. Over time, Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff and Upper Arlington have become known as the Tri-Village area of Columbus. These neighborhoods have their own unique cultures, architecture and history. They form a specific subsection of the city of Columbus, and have a local identity within the urban and natural area.

So this practice has built on that, and defined itself as an office serving the Tri-Village area. That can have a wide range of results, as people in these neighborhoods start to see the practice as their own, and positive word of mouth ensues.

There’s a lot more to love about the practice web site — there are resources like an FAQ page, and all of the pertinent information that’s easy to find on the site — not to mention great style and format. But one of the central strategies here is to identify the office based on what’s around it — and this is not something that every office does well.

Some doctors are content to hang up their shingle anywhere, and just hope that people will come trickling in. But we know that that’s not the way it works. Chiropractic marketing, or any kind of marketing, takes strategy — success takes work. It takes dedication – and it takes strategic planning.

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