About Us!

Energize Chiropractic Marketing has been helping Ohio chiropractors reach their personal injury telemarketing goals since 2002. We grew from a bedrock commitment to delivering what we guarantee and rooting our service philosophy in the values of integrity and hard work. And we’ve only grown from there! Our successful business relationships with Ohio chiropractors have spread throughout the state. We provide high-volume personal injury telemarketing campaigns in every major city throughout Ohio and we provide services in all 88 counties. Energize Chiropractic Marketing takes great pride in helping DC’s grow their practice while providing impactful health results to the members of their local community.

Our Clients…

Our clients are happy and stay with us, so ask us for referrals! We want you to be secure and confident in your decision to work with us! Our greatest compliments are seen through the continued commitment of our clients and the word-of-mouth referrals we receive all over the state of Ohio.  We often work with clinics for an indefinite period of time. As a natural byproduct of our successful marketing, our clients frequently open satellite clinic locations so they can expand their personal injury outreach to a wider audience.

Not All Personal Injury Telemarketing Companies Are Created Equal!

Not all personal injury telemarketing services are created equal! So how are we different? The answer is simple: DATA, INFRASTRUCTURE, AND TALENT!

  1. Data: We squeeze every drop of valuable data from your marketplace using a variety of methods including onsite staff and multi-channel proprietary methods. Aside from priceless completeness in our acquisition, we’re the fastest in the business!
  2. Infrastructure: We use a predictive dialer which calls multiple lines per employee; only live calls are transferred to our staff. Now, who do you want to hire…the guy manually dialing ONE number at a time on his cell phone, or a fully staffed call center dialing 40 lines simultaneously when the most valuable data is released in your city? The choice is simple.
  3. Talent: Simply put, our employees are the most confident, skilled, and professional salespeople you’re going to find. They are highly trained, monitored, and don’t create any liability for you or your practice.

Energize your personal injury marketing with Energize Chiropractic Marketing!

Now…enough about us. We want to hear from YOU! How can we help you realize your chiropractic marketing goals today?! After all, that’s what we’re here for, so call us today at (614) 401-5151…