Arcade Chiropractic in Cleveland, OH Goes Beyond Image and Text

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Arcade Chiropractic in Cleveland, OH Goes Beyond Image and Text


In talking about what’s going on right now with web marketing, we’ve frequently illustrated several fundamental ideas that are driving a lot of top marketing efforts in key industries. One of them is the idea that marketers can get further by “jumping into the deep end” of the digital marketing pool and adding more interactive features to a website.

In a sense, web visitors can often get tired of the same old format.

They’ll see a text menu with individual pages they can read. They’ll see pictures of the human body, in the case of chiropractic marketing. But they may not see anything that really grabs their interests in a way that other sites don’t.

Enter the 3-D spine graphics tool — it’s a feature that a lot of chiro doctors are now adding to their websites.

This 3-D spine graphic can be built in different ways, but it generally works on the same principle — readers click on areas of the spine or body, and they get specific visual and/or text information tailored to those areas.

For instance, a spine visual may include separate labels and components for each of the vertebrae. Clicking can show how areas of the spine work with nerves and muscles, or how various parts of the body protect major organs.

Here’s an example from Arcade Chiropractic in Cleveland that is one of the better 3-D spine graphics we’ve seen online. In the center, readers click on different spinal bones. On the right, nerve information is displayed visually. The left hand graphic generates the organs of the body associated with each spinal piece. On a separate page, readers can click on either “subluxation” or “degeneration” to learn more about these phenomena. A “help” overlay allows first-time users to understand how this tool works.

You can see how this interactive page fits into Dr. Kempf’s overall plan for web marketing. Visitors also get any easier way to browse chiropractic services, along with all of the location and identifying information for the practice. They also get the doctor’s bio, which is important in building trust with a web audience.

As great as all of these things are, they’re not a magic bullet for chiropractic marketing success. It’s incumbent on doctors to always be trying new things, to try to up their marketing and advertising game, especially for those who face challenges retaining market share in their local communities.

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