Cincinnati PI Telemarketing and DC Who Helps Animals

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Cincinnati PI Telemarketing and DC Who Helps Animals


The story of three small Malayan tiger cubs transported to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is one with an unusual and unique relevance to the field of chiropractic care. reports the three cubs, which represent rare instances of less than 500 of these animals living worldwide, are being nursed to better health by zoo staff as well as some outside visiting doctors.

One of the issues affecting one of these cubs, as reported, was a neck problem that apparently affected the one cub’s feeding and free range of movement.

To help, the zoo brought in Dr. Mark Sperbeck, a local chiropractor who looked at the top cervical bone and found there was an alignment issue.

Zoo staff reports the fairly routine use of outside medical professionals for things such as dentistry and radiology. But seldom do we think of chiropractic doctors being asked to visit a zoo to take care of rare animals.

It’s a touching example of the ways that these professionals interact deeply with those in the communities they serve. It’s also an interesting point in that ongoing conversation about how these doctors practice.

Visibility is key for any chiropractor office. Doctors know this and they pursue it in many different ways. It’s important to pursue the right messaging, and look at how it demonstrates the doctor’s care philosophy and principles — foremost among them, compassion for the patient and dedication to caring and attentive treatment.

That’s why doctors invest so many resources in a web site, and in developing blogs and information resources that they feel “show their true colors” to web visitors. But there are also other dimensions to this – getting out in a the community, for example, at a public event, and demonstrating the value of what an office does, or volunteering to bring chiropractic care outside of the office to people – or even animals!

It’s all part of showing how chiropractic care is something more than what most people think of it as – as a thing that’s only for car accident victims, or a kind of “alternative” care that’s not based in medical science. In fact, chiropractic care has suffered under this notion for so long, partly as a result of insurance models, that many people need a reminder about the power of what chiropractors do. These news reports of doctors doing dynamic things out in the field has an effect, but there’s still a long way to go to develop more public awareness around how chiropractic treatment works.

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